Everyone has the right to have an active working life


The foundation creates jobs for people with reduced work ability

The overall purpose of The All People foundation is to help creating job opportunities for people with reduced work ability. The Foundation is doing this by owning (in part or in full) commercial business, which contribute to the purpose of the foundation.
The Foundation may also work for the purpose of spreading knowledge of how to run commercial businesses – as well as other initiatives, which also contribute to the purpose of the Foundation.


I had to fight not to go on early retirement when I became visually impaired. It is important for me to be a good role model for my children. To show them that I can contribute to society, even with a visual impairment.

Because I have a job, I have the resources and energy to tackle the various challenges in life. Having a job gives me an inner power. To me, it is very important to be part of the work community, to feel that I contribute, rather than being “parked” somewhere. It gives me an inner strength to be part of society.


Consultant at All Ears TM A/S


When a social enterprise delivers quality at the right price, it creates social value, and the social enterprise is able to live up to its purpose – to create jobs for people who are vulnerable.

The total economic gain for Denmark when a person with a disability – i.e. a visual impairment – gets a job comes to 136,000 DKK per year (22,500 USD) year. *

* Source: Report from KORA, the Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research (2015).

The work at All Ears supports UN Goal 8 indicator 8.5 “productive employment for persons with disability” and Goal 10 “Reduced Inequality”.
The All People Foundation owns All Ears TM A/S.

All Ears TM A/S is a fundraising company which primarily employs people with visual impairment. A disability which is turned into a competitive edge, because people with visual impairment have special preconditions for being a better listener and being present in the dialogue with the customers’ contributors or members.



In 2013, Connie Hasemann received the Oslo Business for Peace – the “Nobel Prize for Businesses”.
She received the award for establishing and developing All Ears TM, which today is one of the leading social enterprises in Denmark. After 22 years in All Ears TM, Connie Hasemann today works as an independent consultant, focusing on the growth of social enterprises. You can read more about Connie Hasemann on her website.

“I think it is important that everybody gets the opportunity to feel like a whole human being – and is contributing in creating a work community and also experiences the quality of life coming from having an active working life.”

Connie Hasemann

Protector of the All People Foundation


Board Management

Birgitte Mogensen

Birgitte Mogensen

Board Management

Chairman of the Board

World Goal 8, item 5 says:

By 2030, full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men, including young people and people with disabilities, and equal pay for work of equal value will be achieved.

I am proud to be part of working for this goal within the All People Foundation, whose purpose is to support World Objective 8, item 5 and contribute to the creation of jobs for people with disabilities.”


Ib Paaskesen

Ib Paaskesen

Paaskesen ApS

 Board member

I believe that one of the most important factors in regard to self-esteem for human beings is to be able to perform work which creates value, despite a disability. In this regard, I am pleased to be contributing to the purpose of the All People Foundation.

Jørgen Søndergaard

Jørgen Søndergaard

VIVE – The Danish Center for Social Science Research

Board member

To me it is self explanatory that we all should have the opportunity to unfold – also in terms of one’s job – to the extent we are able to. I have seen so many examples of what it means to get a chance in working life for people, who have been outside a working life for a long time. Therefore, I personally fully support the purpose of the All People Foundation, and I am pleased to contribute such as the foundation can make a difference for people with reduced work ability.”

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